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Alltec Tea & Coffee Stain Remover

How to remove tea and coffee stains with Alltec's Tea \u0026 Coffee Stain Remover.

Disclaimer: This video does not constitute professional training or advice. No responsibility will be accepted by Alltec or Paul Pearce for misinterpretation or misuse. Full, professional training is always advised before commencing any cleaning activities.

Alltec Evolution Commercial Cleaning

Alltec Evolution as used by Carmarthenshire Carpet Care.
The carpets in this commercial three story building had various soiling loads including oily areas and grease marks.
With the the right preparation the Evolution cleans straight through these problems even at long hose lengths.
Carmarthenshire Carpet Care is an industry leading company bringing the best value for money and service to each and every client.
Carpet cleaning by
Offering professional carpet cleaning services

Alltec Spotter With Heat - Extreme Edition

This machine is available from Alltec, it is a more powerful version of the standard machine.

Extreme Edition features:

High lift motor
1000w inline heater
1000 psi diaphragm demand pump

This is the machine being tested just after i unboxed it




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